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7 Causes of a Tired Soul

1. Loss of Loved Ones and Pets

From a young age we begin to lose friends and family. As equipped as the human mind is, it is not prepared for some of the tragedies you will experience.  The more senses that are involved in the memory, the harder it will be to process these events.  Seeing and/or hearing a loved one die or the result thereof is the most challenging of life's hardships. These memories will stick with you like a fragment in your Tired Soul. There is a wide spectrum of how people react to death. Some people can move on quickly and be unaffected. The empath however receives permanent scars that will last a lifetime.

2. Physical Pain in Ourselves and Loved Ones

As our bodies age or we experience injuries, our once healthy body can morph into a chronic pain riddled mess. Life is already demanding enough, but now you have pain that holds you back from doing the things that help you take the edge off life. If the pain is severe enough, even just existing can be challenging let alone doing anything. Some days can be better than others which often leads people to sometimes question or downplay our pain. It can also lead to judgement in how we cope with these things. If our own pain and deterioration as a temporal human being isn't enough,  we have to also watch our loved ones go through the same process. As empaths we wish we could relieve the suffering of others and this can be difficult for us to experience without the ability to stop their or our suffering.

3. Numerous Failed Relationships

Each time we date someone we have to tell our story to that person.  This "opening up" is an exhausting process all around especially if there is past trauma involved. Sometimes our stories go in one of their ears and out the other. Not having the very essence of yourself understood, or having to repeat it over and over is exhausting. Having to translate your soul is not a behavior of a healthy relationship. In addition to all this, the act of getting our hopes up and then crushed is something that can only happen a few times before those parts of us feel drained. After so many failed attempts to find connection you may find it extremely difficult to truly fall in love again because you have learned to protect yourself so well and have become greatly pessimistic of love.

4. Bullying

There are many who are fortunate enough to not experience bullying throughout their lives. However, there are some of us who had to experience it, sometimes in many forms. Bullying typically begins in school, but it can exist at home or at work too. In school you are forced to either rat on these classmates or accept the bullying.  Ratting can often worsen the effects of bullying because now they truly have something to bully you about. Couple all this with a parent or parents at home who are unsympathetic or even worse, bullies themselves, and you feel like you have nowhere to hide from it. You cannot grow as a human being in such a plethura of toxic environments. The bullying won't always stop after school either. It can be a spouse, family members, co-workers, or "friends" who continue to put you down thru-out life.

5. People Pleasing

Empaths are born pleasers and sympathizers. We cannot help but want to make those around us happy or at least attempt to. This is a good thing. However, the majority of our society does not think this way or feel a need to reciprocate these things. When you fly on an airplane you'll get a safety briefing to secure your own mask first in the event of low oxygen. Empaths throughout life will secure others around them while not securing themselves. It leads to financial, physical, and emotional instability as we are looking out for others while ignoring our own needs and wants. This can go on so long that the things we want in life fade away until we virtually are too tired to want anything. We tend to continually forgive those who hurt us, which only aids in falling into their trap again and again. It comes from a deep empathic nature of ourselves to "be the bridge" and if left unchecked will drain you into complete enervation.

6. Living With or Being Around Narcissists 

Truly one of the hardest things for an empath to put up with is a narcissist. So far we've talked about death, physical pain, bullying, draining ourselves in relationships, and people pleasing. The narcissist affects all of these things and will suck every bit of life out of you until you no longer want anything or know who you are. When it comes to death, a normal person or an empath will often exert love and patience to those during this time. After all, they are suffering from a loss. Narcissists can get angry during times of death. to them it is a loss of control and if those around them do not meet their needs 110% they can explode with anger and blame.When it comes to pain, they will often times think your physical pain is not worse than their's making it into some kind of competition. This type of thinking is foreign to an empath. We simply wish our own suffering and the suffering of others would end. A narcissist does not care about the suffering of others. They are wildly hypocritical people who see only those around them as the problem. Empaths self-reflect and ultimately are too often unsure of themselves. Whereas narcissists do not self-reflect and are often too sure of themselves. Empaths can deal with the fact of being insecure, but the insecurity in a narcissist will lead them to control you, and at times bully you to simply give them a boost of that 'feel good' they crave at the expense of us. We can waste our life pleasing these people thinking that we can love them to the point of having empathy themselves.  However, it is highly unlikely anything will occur other than you draining yourself while you temporarily feed their ego.

7. Society

Empaths have to wonder who the hell designed such a stressed filled, uncaring, and inefficient society. A trip down any busy urban highway will tell you just what most people care about, and that is to get from point A to point B without realizing who they affect along the way. They do this in more than just travel, but in life as a whole such as the pursuit of money. I can't blame anyone for wanting to survive by making a living , however this pursuit turns us into producers and consumers. This process leaves out much of the good in life and replaces it with a lifeling task of acquiring a piece of paper to spend. This is often done at the expense of our own physical and mental health as well as other's. Too often I have seen people brag about success and the money they've made while they wildly lack empathy and an understanding of themselves and those around them. It is this greed, impatience, and neglectfulness to the important things in life that makes for a dog eat dog world that empaths feel they do not fit into. 

Bonus -The Unknown

Most of us have wondered at one point in our lives "why are we here and what is the meaning?". Many religions will attempt to tell you why. However none truly relieve the current suffering or our fate. They can help one to cope in a confusing existence. However, they can not truly tell you everything there is to know about this existence. Therefore we are ultimately left in the dark. What we know is drop, and what we do not know is an ocean. We crave an understanding we may or may not ever acquire. This process is a lot like waking up in a chaotic car ride without knowing where we are going or why we are in the car in the first place.