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About Us

Tired Soul is a brand born out of the collision of determination and anguish. A brand that not only represents pain and exhaustion, but came from it.

Life can have moments of beauty..  However, it is physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausting often to the point of complete enervation. Whether it be abuse. pain, anxiety, loss of loved ones, these things can and will ambush us throughout life. Our society likens to hiding these feelings of depression, anxiety, enervation and wonder.That has in turn had an effect on how we are able to express ourselves. Tired Soul wants to break that ice. We are a brand that will allow you to wear your heart on your sleeve, or mug, or whatever :) 

 A major theme of Tired Soul is self-reflection and the unknown. We live in a world full of energy vampires. If you are here, you are probably someone who has been drained by these very people. The world is a chaotic place. To feel overwhelmed and drained by it is a normal reaction to the vast ineffciency and stress it delivers.

We are a young company just starting out utilizing print on demand services. We choose the highest quality fabrics our printer offers and when possible we print our products in the USA. Help us to grow by sharing us with your friends and family!