The Absolute Best Indoor Hammock Bed

Best Indoor Hammock Bed

The absolute best indoor hammock bed for sleeping that we could find on the market today is so popular that it really seems to stand head and shoulders above the rest.  It is the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock [Amazon Link] And It comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Let’s hit the highlights of this first and likely the best indoor sleeping hammock that we mentioned!

✔✔ The manufacturer of this hammock likes to describe being in it like being in a COCOON OF WEIGHTLESSNESS!   That sounds pretty nice.  It is made in the same style that was passed down over the years from native artists in Brazil.  They are made from cotton that is tightly woven, comfortable, and very durable.

✔✔ DECADE OF BUSINESS SELLING HAMMOCKS & LIFETIME WARRANTY –  This company has been in business for over ten years and based on reviews from buyers they feel they have by far the best quality to price ration on the market today.  There is no point in trying to save a few bucks on a knock-off indoor sleeping hammock only to end up with inferior stitching or end rings that will fall apart after a year or two.  This thing is built to last! The LIFETIME WARRANTY literally means that in ten years you can send this back and get a new one if something breaks on it.  Who gives those kinds of guarantees anymore!

✔✔ TWO PERSON HAMMOCK – The length of this hammock is 144 inches, that is from loop to loop.  The area that you will sleep measures 98 inches long by 59 inches wide.  It is the perfect size for two people, or just to get in by yourself and stretch out in total comfort.  The maker does say that when you first open it that it may seem small for two people but you have to give it up to two weeks to completely stretch out to its full size.  

✔✔ KIDS AND PETS WELCOME – Many hammocks on the market today are not really intended for kids or pets.  They have holes in them that can catch and cause injury.  The Hammock Sky is durable enough and completely safe with its solid woven fabric for all your family and pets to snuggle on.  

✔✔ PORTABLE – The hammock comes with a free carry bag for easy transportation.  If you want to take it out of the house on a beautiful day or take it camping, they make it really easy for you!

The Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock Bed is available in three different colors, natural white, blue and green striped, and orange and yellow striped, and they are all the same price.

– What’s Included: Hammock + FREE Carry Bag
– Materials: 65% colorfast cotton / 35% Polyester
– Weight Capacity: 475 Pounds
– Recommended Hanging Distance: 12+ Feet (144+ Inches)
– Size: 1-2 People

Many people use this particular hammock for indoors and it can fit on most hammock stands as long as they aren’t undersized, those less than 9 feet.  You can also tie the ends to make it a little shorter, many people do that to fit in smaller rooms and spaces.

There is a 9-foot stand that you can buy that is probably the smallest you would want to go to hang this on.

OnCloud Double Hammock with 9 FT Stand [Amazon Link]

It’s rare to see something with so many reviews, in the thousands, and so few negatives.  Of the reviews I could find online, over 93% of them gave this indoor sleeping hammock a four or five-star rating, with 85% of those being 5 stars!

The overwhelming number of people that spoke of sleeping on this instead of their bed full time was surprising.  It really seems that this could be a genuine replacement if you are considering moving from a traditional bed to an indoor sleeping hammock.

I highly recommend this to be used as an indoor hammock bed more than any other hammock on the market that I could find.  Between the sheer amount of positive reviews and the LIFETIME WARRANTY, I just don’t see how you could go wrong with this one. [Amazon Link]

Going to bed in a hammock probably isn’t the first thing you think of when it’s time for a nap or even time to go to sleep for the night, but it has been really gaining in popularity recently.  Having an indoor sleeping hammock has become a great solution for making small places, such as tiny homes and apartments, more functional.  Many people actually prefer them for comfort and a large number of people like the look as a way to express their personality.

So not only are indoor hammock beds very functional, but they can be decorative and really change the vibe of a room, a home, or even an enclosed porch.  Think how nice it would be to curl up in a hammock in front of a fireplace with a loved one, a book, or a pet.  Many people are doing it right now.

Let’s get to number 2 on the list and see the next indoor sleeping hammock we want to talk about.

The Sorbus Brazilian Double Hammock comes in at number two!  It is half the price of our first pick so if you are looking to save a few bucks and still get a quality hammock for indoors, this might be just the one for you!  It is extra long and big enough to sleep 2 people.  
Over 93% of reviewers gave this hammock a 4 or star 5 rating, with the majority going with 5 stars!  That is quite impressive.  

It comes in two solid colors, blue or green.  Then there is a striped one available that includes the colors blue, sand, purple, and red, and kind of gives off a laid back fun beachy kind of vibe.  It is made from cotton and polyester so it is very durable and hard to rip, yet still comfortable as well.  It also comes included with a hanging rope and carrying case.

Just like the first hammock, you can use a stand and easily put this hammock up in any room in the house, or if your room dimensions work, you can put hooks in the wall studs and you won’t even need a stand.

As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely the one you would want to go to if you are on a tight budget because there are a lot of very good reviews.  But, I do not think the quality is anywhere near that of the first reviewed product, the Hammock Sky Double Hammock, that comes with a lifetime guaranteed warranty!

Another very quality indoor hammock is the Best Choice Products Double Hammock.  This is Amazon’s choice for the best hammock currently for sale.  One huge bonus that makes this indoor hammock very attractive is that it comes with a space-saving steel stand!  

So you literally have to buy this one package and you are good to go for setting up your indoor sleeping hammock.  It has a large number of very good reviews and comes in 4 different colors, red striped, blue-green striped, desert, and rainbow striped.  Plenty of options to appeal to everyone.

The Best Choice Products Double Hammock is made of 100% cotton and is wide enough to comforably support 2 people and a total weight of 450 pounds.

Its overall Dimensions are 115”(L) × 48”(W) x 43″(H).

For those lazy moments of relaxation, what’s better than sticking with the classics? This hammock will envelop you in soft, luxurious 100% cotton for a nostalgic, time-honored way to let the day’s stress melt away. Snuggle up with a loved one or a beloved pet, or enjoy a good book in front of a warm fire. Whatever your way to comfort, this hammock will help you get there.

The Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Quilted Fabric Swing with Pillow is a little different looking than the rest but it is absolutely beautiful!  

It looks more like it could be found inside hanging at a Pottery Barn or some other high end department store.  The best part is, the price doesn’t match just how gorgeous this hammock is.

Let’s look at some highlights below straight from the manufacturer!

  • 【SUPER COMFY】The double-layered quilted polyester with inner polyester padding and a polyethylene stuffing head pillow offer superior comfort. No matter it’s in summer or winter, this hammock will always be your first choice for relaxation.
  • 【SUPER DURABILITY】Handcrafted polyester ropes add character and authenticity, and thickness of the end cords contribute greatly to the balance and strength of the hammock. Lay in the hammock with no concern ever.
  • 【SUPER LOOK】55 inches durable Hardwood spreader bar with powder coated in an oil rubbed finish protects from rot, mold or mildew, making it more stable and stylish as well as maximizing style. Believe in us, whoever sees this hammock will envy you.
  • 【SPUER ROOMY AND SAFE】Bed dimensions: 78 x 55 inches (overall length: 141 inches); Support up to 450 pounds. Two adults find no problem laying in it, let alone your kids and your family.

You will be hard pressed to find a hammock that looks better than this one.  Hang this in a room and it will instantly upgrade the area!

Another absolutely solid choice you should check out is the Patio Watcher 11 Feet Quilted Fabric Hammock with Pillow.  It is a double hammock with beautiful bamboo spreader bars that make it perfect for indoor use.

This hammock does not have nearly as many reviews as the others, but the the ones it does have are almost all five stars. So likely it is a newer product that is just getting going.  This would make it a great time to purchase because a lot of companies raise the prices of their products once they get more sales and more reviews.  It’s really not much of a risk since if you don’t like anything about it you can return it for a full refund guaranteed!

It is very large and can easily hold two adults comfortably.  It is eleven feet long from loop to loop and the area you lay in is 75 inches by 55 inches, that’s almost 5 feet wide.  This hammock has the ability to hold up to 440 pounds.

The Patio Watcher is very stable and has an inner cotton padding and a stuffed pillow that make it extremely comfortable for sleeping.  It is also made to be very durable with the bamboo spreader bar finished that will keep it from getting mold or mildew.

This guy comes with just about everything you need to get started too, especially if you are attaching it to 2 walls in a bedroom.  Included are sturdy suspension rings, 2 steel S hooks, and 2 thirteen inch chains for hanging.  This one does not come with a hammock stand though.

Click To Read More Or See Price!

Overall this is a very attractive and good looking hammock bed that would make any room or area an attractive place to get a good nights sleep or an afternoon nap.  It is built to survive outdoors though as well if you want to take it outside on a nice breezy day.  It is also price pretty good as well!

Ten Facts About Indoor Sleeping Hammocks

Have you ever laid in a hammock while reading a book? Wasn’t that a restful moment? Well, thankfully hammocks are not just for outdoors anymore, they can also be used as indoor beds.

Hammocks can cradle your body in a cocoon of support. It is very easy to sleep in a hammock. Learn ten facts about why an indoor sleeping hammock might be a great option.

Sleeping in Hammocks

Camping in the wilderness is one of the key moments when hammocks are used. They are lightweight, easy to set up and can be very comfortable. You can relax under the open sky in your hammock cocoon.

Fortunately, hammocks are not just for outdoors. There are numerous benefits to sleeping on indoor hammock beds. Learn ten facts about installation, types and reasons for sleeping on hammock beds.

1. Hammock History

Chocolate, vanilla and hammocks were all invented in Central America. The word “hammock” is from the Arawak Native-American word – hamaka, which means a sling made of rope, netting or fabric used for sleeping. Hammocks are the perfect bedding option for hot, humid rain forests and jungles.

Originally, rustic Central American huts did not have finished floors. Snakes, scorpions, rats and insects could crawl on anyone sleeping on the ground. Hammocks lifted people off the ground, protecting them from varmints.

Circa 1590, the British Navy adopted hammocks for their sailors. Of course, while on the ocean, a ship is swaying back and forth. A typical bed might fling a sailor to the ground.

The perfect answer to rough seas is the hammock.

A naval hammock swayed with the motion of the ocean. The sailor was less likely to be thrown out of bed during violent storms. Furthermore, naval hammocks used pieces of wood to attach both sides to create a safer bed.

There was also limited sleeping space on many early ships. Therefore, temporary hammocks could be strung up or taken down to maximize space. The space program even used hammocks to optimize space in the lunar module.

2. Indoor vs Outdoor Hammocks

In Central America, hammocks are used in both the indoors and outdoors. The primary difference between indoor and outdoor hammocks is that some of the more advanced outdoor hammocks might have a tarp cover. Indoor hammocks can be more simplistic.

3. Types of Indoor Hammocks

Various countries with large jungles or rain forests have developed hammocks for their beds. Therefore, you might see African, Aztec, Brazilian, Cambodian, Caribbean, Colombian, El Salvadoran, Haitian, Indian, Laotian, Mayan, Mexican, Nicaraguan, Turkish or Venezuelan styles for an indoor sleeping hammock. Each hammock style varies slightly.

Mayan and Mexican hammocks tend to have a great deal of cultural importance. There are reports that Mexican prisoners knit cheap, high-quality hammocks. They have a lot of time on their hands.

San Salvador City in El Salvador is called the “Valley of the Hammocks.” Many hammocks are exported from El Salvador. There is even a local Hammock Festival, called Concepcion Quezaltepeque.

There are a few different types of hammocks, including straight lay, diagonal, framed or safety net. With the straight lay, you position your head and feet at either end. The diagonal lay allows you to straighten your torso along the width.

You can hook your hammock to a frame. This is better when your walls are not strong enough for direct attachment.

The safety net (or cargo net) hammock bed can be completely flat. You might attach it above an open space on the second floor.

There are even family-sized hammocks that are 80-feet x 80-feet or larger. You can fit 3 x family members in them and they can hold up to 660 pounds. Hammocks can carry a lot of weight.

4. Hammock Materials

Indoor hammock beds can be made of a variety of materials. These might include bark, canvas, cotton, Dacron, nylon, palm fronds, polyester, rope, sisal or thread. There are advantages and disadvantages to selecting natural versus synthetic, man-made materials.

Natural materials might be cheaper and softer. The Mexican and Venezuelan hammocks tend to be made of these. The draw-back is that they might suffer from bio-degradation.

Synthetic materials are more durable and won’t biodegrade. The man-made materials will tend to be more expensive.

The density, strength and support of a hammock is based on its “string count” weave. A higher string count translates into a stronger hammock.

5. Benefits of Indoor Sleeping Hammocks

If you have insomnia or trouble sleeping, then you might want to consider an indoor sleeping bed hammock. With a traditional flat mattress, all your weight is dragged downwards. This can place a lot of stress on your back.

Each of the hammocks has its own special features. Purchasing the best hammock will allow you to enjoy the most advantages. Here are a few of the tremendous benefits of an indoor hammock bed:

  • Air Flow
  • Flexibility
  • Contours to Body
  • Equal Weight Dispersion
  • Rock-a-Bye Baby

Get a better night’s sleep with an indoor hammock cocoon.

Air Flow

Hammocks were the traditional bedding option for those living in hot jungle climates. With a flat mattress, your sweat will soak your bed. You will perspire less in a hammock due to the air flow.

Have you noticed that when your body is cool, you sleep better? Have you ever opened the window to get a breeze or fallen asleep quickly after a thunderstorm? In both cases, the cooler temperatures are ideal for a good night’s rest.


Do you remember those 9 months, you spent in your mother’s womb? Probably not. But, throughout that period of time, you were in a curved, fetal position.

When you sleep in a hammock, you might sleep in a curved, fetal position. It all depends on the size of the hammock. With a larger hammock, you can stretch your legs out.

Hammocks permit 3-dimensional movement while sleeping

With a flat mattress, you have only 2-dimensional movement. With a hammock, you enjoy 3-dimensional movement.

The Quran tells a story of sleeping individuals in Surah Al-Kahf, who were turned to the left and right. Tossing and turning while sleeping is healthy. Why?

Your body is very flexible and needs to change positions or your muscles might cramp up. With a hammock, your bedding moves with you. You can move up and down with a hammock.

Contours to Body

Have you ever taken apart a traditional flat mattress? They are made of bed springs. In the inferior mattresses, those springs will dig into your back. Couldn’t that be a cause of back pain?

There are no springs digging into your body with a hammock. A hammock is superior to even memory foam. The hammock strings surround your entire body, giving you complete support.

With a traditional flat mattress, you only get support on one side. A hammock cradles your body in a cocoon. This provides you with a better night’s sleep because it provides support all around you.

Equal Weight Dispersion

Back pain is due to many factors, but if you have all of your weight concentrated on your spine, it could cause damage. With a hammock, your body weight is dispersed more evenly. Sleeping in hammocks can be beneficial for those with back pain.

If you sleep in the right diagonal position, you will have zero pressure points. With a better night’s sleep, you will have more energy, the next day.

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Have you ever rocked a baby to sleep? Scientists have shown that people fall asleep faster in a hammock due to the gentle rocking. This might be because your brain associates certain wave patterns with sleeping.

This might also be why you fall asleep more easily after listening to a babbling brook, the pitter-patter of rain or crashing ocean waves. These natural wave patterns can help you relax.

6. Why Use Indoor Hammocks?

There are many reasons for choosing indoor hammocks for your bed. These are simpler to use than traditional flat beds. They are also more versatile.

Besides the aforementioned, an indoor hammock has superior efficiency. Here are some reasons for choosing an indoor hammock bed:

  • Optimize Space
  • Hygienic
  • Aesthetics

You have more control over your bedding with a sleeping hammock.

Optimize Space

You can hook or unhook the hammock to optimize space. Simply store it away when not in use. This is ideal for a cramped efficiency, condominium or apartment.


Have you ever tried to wash a traditional mattress? You can’t. A traditional flat mattress can become very dirty, moldy and unhealthy.

The flat mattress is placed on the ground (futon) or on a box spring. Neither allows for air flow between the bottom surface and the bedding. Therefore, you can expect mold, mildew and fungus to grow.

You can’t wash the inside of a flat mattress. If you spill your coffee on the mattress – tough luck. When you sleep, you sweat; all of that moisture increases mildew growth in your flat mattress.

You have none of these problems with a sleeping hammock. It is suspended in the air. This reduces mold growth.

If you spill your coffee on the hammock, just toss it in the washing machine. You have a much more hygienic, sanitary sleeping environment with an indoor hammock bed.


Artists love to create a beautiful living space. A hammock suspended in the air creates a sense of freedom. You can see through the netting hammock to the floor or ceiling.

7. Ways to Hang Indoor Hammocks

There are many ways to hang indoor hammocks. You can suspend them between hooks at the same height or at different heights. You can hang them with 2-point attachments or 4-point attachments for a wider sleeping space.

Some hammocks can be hooked or unhooked, so you can change them depending on your feelings or the seasons. During the summer, you might want to hang your hammock near the window. During the winter, you could hang your hammock bed by the fireplace.

Hammocks are easy to move. Have you ever had a big family event and wondered if you had enough beds? Just purchase some hammocks and everyone has a place to sleep.

Baby hammocks allow for father and mother to have some time to themselves. They can simply place their baby in the hammock. It is great for gently rocking the baby to sleep.

There is no worry about a tiny baby being smothered by a pillow with a hammock. It is a safer bed for children.

8. Things to Consider

Before you purchase your indoor hammock, you will need to think about functionality and your housing structure. Are your walls strong enough to bear your sleeping weight?

Also, if you are ready for an indoor sleeping hammock, make sure you have professionals install it. They will know if you have the proper weight-bearing wall joists or not. Be safe with your indoor hammock.

You can add a number of hammock accessories. Those in rural areas might want to add mosquito netting.

You can also add extra layers to create a warmer hammock. You can add an under-quilt outside the hammock to keep yourself warm. Or, you could simply toss a quilt or blanket on top of the hammock.

9. Who Might Like Indoor Hammock Beds?

There are many people who might like hammock beds for the inside; for example, a college student might have limited space. Most college dorms or apartments are not very large; a good hammock can conserve space.

Back pain can be debilitating. You might want to try a hammock, which can place a cocoon of support around your body. Those with allergies might not like moldy flat mattresses.

There is a movement of some people who want to simplify their lives. Some elements of modern life are unnatural, constrained and confining. A hammock is a symbol of simple, natural living and freedom.

10. Proper Way to Lay in Hammock

The first time you see a hammock, you might want to lay in it with your head at one end and your feet at the other. This straight lay might cause the banana syndrome. Your head and feet are elevated with your mid-section hanging low.

This might be uncomfortable for some. The best way to sleep in an indoor hammock is to lay diagonally. You twist your body to the side so that your head and feet are not at the high ends of the hammock.

This allows for your body to lay flat. The hammock is very strong – it can support the full weight of your body.

Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is something that everyone takes for granted, until you don’t have a good night’s rest. If you are struggling with insomnia, you might need to find a solution. An indoor bed hammock could be the solution.

Some have found back pain relief by being suspended in a hammock while sleeping. Your body weight is not forced down upon your back or spine with a soothing, relaxing hammock. You can also enjoy a gentle swaying motion that rocks you to sleep, just like a baby.

The other amazing feature of a hammock is its low price. If you were looking at a flat mattress with flexibility, comfort and contouring, you might need to take out a loan to afford it. An indoor hammock is cheap – it delivers a great night’s sleep for a low price.