The Best Sunrise Alarm Clock

What is the best sunrise alarm clock?

These clever sunrise alarm clocks will allow your body to naturally and gently wake up in the morning, how it is supposed to, making you feel fresher and ready to start your day

#1 Sunrise Alarm Clock

I wouldn’t quite say there’s no competition, but between the good price, the great reviews, and the sheer quantity of reviews, this one is definitely the winner of the best sunrise alarm clock.

It isn’t a name brand but all the reviews I could find were all just so positive, especially in comparison the rest of the clocks I looked at, I feel this is likely your best choice.

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For most of us, waking up, especially for work, just isn’t fun.  Although the alarm usually isn’t the worst part, the annoying radio personalities or even worse, the incessant beeping doesn’t make it any better.

Fortunately, there is a new type of alarm clock that gently wakes you out of your sleep, calmly, and slowly, how you are meant to be awoken.  Not suddenly by a loud beeping sound.

best sunrise alarm clockSeveral studies have shown that morning light exposure administered as simulated dawn, just like a sunrise alarm clock does, have shown positive effects on patient subjective quality of sleep, seasonal affective disorder ( a kind of depressive state that usually coincides with winter), and people with circadian rhythm disorders.

Many parents, especially of teenagers, claim that dawn simulation devices are extremely helpful. With some saying it was the best investment they have made to get their kids up and going in the morning.

Another possible benefit that needs to be looked at further is using sunrise simulation which lets your body wake up slower may protect against early day cardiovascular events such as stroke or heart attacks.  Again, there need to be more studies done on this to be sure, but it is possible according to researchers.

Most dawn simulators can also be used for sunset as well.  The light slowly, usually over 30 minutes, decreases until it turns off completely, allowing your body to turn on melatonin production over time like it is meant to.  Scientists are looking more into this to see just how profound the effect is, but subjectively, people really feel that it works well.

Let’s Look At The Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks

#1 Sunrise Alarm Clock

I wouldn’t quite say there’s no competition, but between the good price, the great reviews, and the sheer quantity of reviews, this one is definitely the winner of the best sunrise alarm clock.

It isn’t a name brand but all the reviews I could find were all just so positive, especially in comparison the rest of the clocks I looked at, I feel this is likely your best choice.

This thing has not only the sunrise feature, but also sunset simulation, six different nature sounds you can use, beeping if you really want it, and an FM radio.  It is also bright enough and has the settings to make this your bedside lamp as well.

The light can be set to 7 various colors and 10 brightness levels.

The actual clock display itself has 3 levels also and can be completely turned off, which is important because you really should sleep in total darkness, and any light pollution such as a clock display, can actually mess with your sleep cycle.

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So basically, you set your alarm for say 7am.  Then at 6:30 the light ever so slowly starts getting slightly brighter, until 30 minutes later, it’s at it’s brightest setting, and then the alarm goes off as well.  But by that time you should be pretty much awake or just about to be.

The sunset feature is nice as it slowly over the course of 30 minutes get dimmer and dimmer.  Not only will this work for adults, but it is a great idea for babies and small children who need a light to fall asleep.  This gives you that ability but then they still get a completely dark room to get the best possible night of sleep.

I highly recommend this sunrise alarm clock if you are thinking about getting one, you can’t really go wrong, if you don’t like it, you can always send it back.

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#2 Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

If you are looking for something that comes from a better-known company with a brand name, you can’t go wrong with the Philips Wake-Up Alarm Clock.  Philips has been in business for over 100 years and remains a global leader in both lighting and healthcare.

This product has many features that are very similar to the first product I described.  This is Philips #1 best selling wake up light alarm clock, and they have several.

It’s also the only brand that has actually been clinically proven in studies to help you wake up feeling better refreshed.

Philips reports that independent researchers showed that out of a group of over 200 people studied that used their wake up alarm light, a full 92% said they were able to wake up easier and feel better.  That is quite impressive.

It features internal backup that keeps the correct time and alarm setting for up to 8 hours in case your power goes out.

The light provides a simulation of the sunrise with varying colors, as you can see in the picture to the left.  The light can slowly start as far as 40 minutes before your alarm time, but as little as 20 minutes if you prefer.

It can also simulate sunset as well, and be used as a bedside light too.  You are able to set 2 different alarms and have the option to wake up to 5 different nature like alarm sounds or use the FM radio as well.

It is very simple to use and set up, just plug in and you are good to go.  The clock readout is large and easy to read and the light stays cool, even when on its brightest setting.

As I said earlier, this is a little pricier, and that is literally the only reason it is not #1, but it is from a very reputable company that stands by its products and I don’t think you could go wrong with this product.

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#3 MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

Now, this is a very cool alternative that I think you will find interesting.  It is not exactly an alarm clock in the traditional sense, but it would work just fine as one.  In addition, it will do many other things and is extremely versatile.

Yes, this one is just a light bulb, but so much cooler than that.  First off for the purposes of using this as an alarm, all you need to do is put this in your bedroom lamp and download the app that goes with it.  You can then set the bulb to turn on and off at any given time.

All you need to do is use the sunrise and sunset modes to make it gradually get brighter in the morning and dimmer at night, just like the previous alarm clocks I covered.  It’s pretty cool though that all you need to do with this is change out one light bulb, no new alarm clock to use or bulky new appliances to work onto your bedroom nightstand.

You can buy multiple bulbs and control them all with just the app.  Have one for the porch that you set to turn on and off at dusk and when the sun rises, or one in the living room to turn off and on to make it look like someone is home if you are out of town or just working late.

This sounds a little ridiculous but you can even get the bulb to sync with your favorite music and turn your living room into a club!  Great for parties.

It’s 60 watts and is rated for 20,000 hours. That’s 2 hours a day for 27 Years!

I know this isn’t technically an alarm clock, but I see no reason and can’t substitute perfectly for one, while having so many other awesome features.  I just found this product really cool.  I have not bought one at the time of writing this but I’m pretty sure there are a couple at least in my future.

I know my young son would love one in his bedroom, so it might be a birthday or Christmas present in the near future.

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The rest I will not rank because I believe the first three sunrise alarm clocks I wrote about are superior to the rest on the market.  But there are some different features and small advantages of some other ones that might make some people go for them instead.  So I will touch on what makes the others differ below.

MYFREE Wake Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock


  • Very good reviews, almost 80% 5-star ratings around the internet
  • up to 256 various color combinations
  • USB rechargeable, so you can take it on the road, camping, or for emergency use.  The battery will last long enough too that you can keep it on its middle brightness setting for ten hours at least
  • Use it as a white noise machine all night long, great for toddlers and small kids

There really weren’t many cons that I could find.  The few poor ratings seems to be all unique, so not an issue for everyone.  This would be a solid choice for most people.

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Sleepace Knox Sleep Aid System

  • Some cool things that make this sunrise alarm clock different include:
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Uses a Sleep App designed to monitor, track, and improve sleep quality
  • Monitors various factors in your environment such as temperature, light, noise, and humidity and tracks them so you can see how they affect your sleep
  • Has kind of a personal assistant like feature that will basically give you advice on how to get better sleep once it has recorded enough data on your sleep habits

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HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

This is the best priced model of all the alarm clocks so far.  It has all the features that the top one has, it just has some drawbacks that kept coming up over and over again many reviews online. I will list them below.

  • The sunrise feature starts out way too bright.  It starts out at 50 percent brightness than goes to 100%.  People say the 50% brightness is way too bright.
  • Another odd thing is that the light turns off when it hits your alarm wake up time and the alarm goes off instead.  I’m not sure why they wouldn’t have the alarm go off and the light stay on, kind of odd.
  • There are also a number of complaints about how bright the clock is even on it’s lowest setting.  A lot of people had to turn it off completely, whereas most people want to be able to see the clock if they wake up in the middle of the night, but this clocks dimmest setting seems to be rather bright

There are a very large volume of reviewers though that give this clock 5 stars.  So if you read the main complaints and are ok with them, this might be the sunrise clock for you, especially given the great price.

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I hope you learned a lot about what I think are the best sunrise alarm clocks available.  I really feel that these are a great option for helping people that have difficulty waking up in the morning.  They can especially be useful for younger people such as teenagers who notoriously have a tough time waking up for high school.  They also seem like a great fit for the very young as well using them as night lights as well as white noise.

These machines are just so versatile they are hard not to buy.

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